How do SafeHire’s skill assessments work?

SafeHire candidates can provide evidence of their top soft and hybrid skills with video-authenticated, time-constrained, and randomized assessments.

What are soft and hybrid skills?

These are universally valuable, non-technical abilities that we all appreciate in our co-workers.

Which skills may be assessed?

What authentication features are utilized?

How are ranks calculated?

For each skill, candidates may take up to 5 randomized assessments and may publish their average score.

Results Achievable:


Highly Competent

Above Average


Needs Improvement

Who can take assessments?

To prevent cheating, assessments are not available with free SafeHire profiles. Student memberships allow users to publish their average rank for up to 2 skills. Premium memberships allow users to publish their average rank for up to 3 skills

Example assessments questions:

Logical Reasoning

Candidates must use deduction to determine the most rational conclusion.

How many of the three statements in the list below must be false?

  1. There is exactly 1 false statement in this list.
  2. There are exactly 2 false statements in this list.
  3. There are exactly 3 false statements in this list.
  1. None of the statements are false.
  2. One of the statements is false.
  3. Two of the statements are false.
  4. Three of the statements are false.


Candidates must minimize mistakes while working swiftly.

How many squares (of any size) are in the figure?


Candidates must analyze issues and make the most strategic decision.

If 3 machines can produce 3,000 widgets in 3 days, how many widgets could 6 machines produce in 6 days?

  1. 6,000
  2. 9,000
  3. 12,000
  4. 36,000

Written Communication

Candidates must identify the sentence with correct grammar and punctuation.

We bought the blanket for more then its soft touch.

  1. than its
  2. then it’s
  3. than it’s

Active Listening

Candidates must listen to and remember instructions, while ignoring simultaneous distracting dialogue.

Typing Speed

Candidates must accurately type as many words of provided paragraphs as they can within three minutes.


Candidates must choose the best translation of swiftly spoken, unrepeatable Spanish or Chinese audio clips from similar multiple-choice options.