Help your top candidates apply with evidence of their value.

Pre-screen with video introductions

Your top candidates can use SafeHire to easily apply with a <45 second introduction video.

Introduction videos allow you to pre-identify professional, enthusiastic candidates; plus, you can waste less time on introductory interviews.

Validate your strongest soft skills

Hate conducting reference checks?

High-quality references are the best evidence of an applicant’s potential, but you can’t call every applicant’s references.

Top candidates use SafeHire to proactively gather & apply with validated references from past employers & educators.

Learn more about upfront, validated references here.

Sick of vetting resume claims?

When 53% of resumes contain lies or exaggerations, how do you avoid dishonest applicants and pre-identify credible candidates?

SafeHire candidates help by publishing evidence of their achievements in their profile's Portfolio, such as:

  • Performance Reviews
  • Awards
  • Transcripts
  • and more...

Prefer co-workers with better soft skills?

SafeHire candidates validate their top soft skills by proactively taking video-authenticated, time-constrained, and randomized assessments.

Would your team appreciate co-workers with better soft skills? Learn more about SafeHire's soft skill assessments here.

Find more credible candidates

With more SafeHire candidates, you can spend less time calling low-quality references and identifying resume embellishments.

Provide your applicants an optional “SafeHire Profile URL” field on your existing ATS.

Serious applicants can create their free SafeHire URL in 30 seconds, which they can input into your optional field. After completing your application, they may update their SafeHire profile with validated references and evidence of their achievements.